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Crawl Space Repair


A popular foundation style in the midwest is the crawl space. While it does not provide the extra livable square footage of a basement, a crawl space is a convenient solution for utilities access and air flow under the home. But many homeowners neglect their crawl space because - let’s face it - it’s no fun to get down there. While they are relatively low-maintenance, crawl spaces do still need occasional repairs. At AccuLevel of Joliet, we are well versed in all types of crawl space issues - from moisture to rodent infestation to structural damage - and provide expert repair services to homeowners across the region.

Commercial Crawl Space Repair
Building owners in Joliet and surrounding communities turn to AccuLevel for all their crawl space repair and maintenance needs. Crawl spaces are often found in commercial buildings as they allow convenient access to utilities, promote below-floor air circulation, and can even provide some extra storage. However, crawl spaces are also a great winter home for insects and rodents and are prone to moisture issues. The team of experts at AccuLevel are here to help commercial building owners with their crawl spaces - from water and pest removal to wall repair to annual maintenance.

Home Crawl Space Repair
When was the last time you grabbed a flashlight and took a look around your home’s crawl space? If it’s been a while, it’s time to show your crawl space some love. Unlike basements, crawl spaces do not require the ongoing maintenance of a full-scale extra level, but are prone to issues that, if left to their own devices, can be bad for your home over time. At AccuLevel, we help local homeowners deal with all types of crawl space issues, from cracked and leaking walls to rodents who’ve made themselves at home to collapsed ceilings and more.

Rodent Elimination
One of the biggest issues we see with crawl spaces is pest, rodent, and bird infestation. Because it’s often a warm area with little to no human traffic, critters love making their winter home in a crawl space. If left to their own devices, these critters can actually cause some pretty serious damage. If you think you might have a pest or rodent issue in your crawl space, call AccuLevel. We will remove the critters and ensure no new ones move in by sealing any cracks or holes.

Water Damage
Another issue to keep an eye out for is water in your home’s crawl space. This may take the form of a leak or drip from a cracked wall, pooling or flooding after heavy rainfall, or condensation on pipes and utilities. If left untreated, a water issue in your crawl space will lead to mold and mildew growth which can pose a serious health risk for you and your family. As soon as you notice water in your home’s crawl space, call the experts at AccuLevel. We offer full-service crawl space water mitigation, repair, and basement waterproofing services to ensure your home and family stay dry and safe.

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